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The term “chiropractic care” immediately brings to mind injuries from a Tampa, FL auto accident and the health issues one expects when aging. The spinal manipulations that Dr. Shane at Tampa Bay ChiroCare can apply, and the intensive treatment plans, are one facet of this approach to a traditional injury are definitely valuable. These two chiropractic services should neverbe considered the beginning and end of what chiropractic care can accomplish. An adult who is willing to embrace the healing powers of chiropractic care should consider treatment for the entire family. The potential family chiropractic treatment plans available to different family members can help improve wellness and quality of life.

Minimizing the Potential for an Injury

The preferred method to treat an injury is to avoid the injury. This sounds simple, but most people do not think of their health in these terms. Taking a pro-active approach through the implementation of a chiropractic treatment plan into the life of each family member can ensure that:

  • A child does not hurt his or her lower back in a wrestling match
  • Mom and dad will not get a headache hunched over important paperwork
  • Taking out the recycling should not result in a back or shoulder injury
  • The “weekend warrior” in the family should be able to minimize the
    potential for strains and sprains.

Dr. Shane from Tampa Bay ChiroCare accomplishes this by making sure the spine is aligned and well-maintained, joints are looser and the neck is not tense.

Improved Flexibility

To ensure that the potential for injury is minimized, the entire body has to be functioning correctly. That is correct, flexibility is the key to the complete body functioning as expected during physical activity. Spinal manipulation administered by Dr. Shane at Tampa Bay ChiroCare, matched with a home exercise plan, makes it simple for each family member to maintain flexibility. This can help a member of the family:

  • Lessen growing pains
  • Sidestep injury and disease
  • Age with grace.

Promote Healing

The application of family chiropractic can address common health issues including headaches, backaches, digestive problems and immune disorders. This can be accomplished because, no matter the age of the family member, Dr. Shane is treating the root cause of the health issue. Dr. Shane at Tampa Bay ChiroCare approaching the real reason behind the symptom allows the patient to begin healing faster, minimizes downtime and limits the opportunity for the health issue to return and cause problems.

Family chiropractic treatment plans offer benefits to patients of all ages. The adults in families should consider the positive and long-lasting impact chiropractic care can have on themselves and the people they love. Making the decision to commit to family chiropractic care can result in fewer injuries, improve flexibility and enhance quality of life. Call 813-374-4020 to schedule an appointment to talk with us about chiropractic treatment plan that can benefit your family.

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