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The team of professionals behind Tampa Bay ChiroCare are well-versed in the treatment of auto accident injuries and helping to minimize the expected pain after the injury. Their method of treatment more often than not involves the development of a plan to reduce severe inflammation while making an effort to preserve or regain range of motion and strength. The treatment plan will always be tailored to whether the injury involves the head, neck, back or extremities.

The application of chiropractic care is essential when an accident victim does not want to experience long-term pain or an ongoing disability. It is unfortunate a lot of accident victims, especially a person who is worried that his or her role as an at-fault driver will mean there is no way to pay for treatment of medical injuries. That is correct, people will make the decision to suffer pain in silence because they do not think that there is a different option. These people do not know that if you have suffered an injury in a Florida car crash, the medical bills are covered under PIP. That includes chiropractor bills for treating the auto injury.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance, or Florida No Fault Insurance, is an insurance that will cover you no matter who has been found to be at fault. The insurance will cover up to the limits of your policy. PIP will also cover your children, people in your household and specific passengers who lack the insurance as long as they do not own their own vehicle. The passengers in your vehicle who do have their own PIP Insurance will be covered by their own policy for injuries experienced in an auto accident. Under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law, all vehicle owners or registrants of a vehicle with four or more wheels must carry a minimum of:

  • $10,000 of PIP
  • $10,000 of property damage liability.

Common Types of Tampa Auto Accident Injuries

Dr. Shane at Tampa Bay ChiroCare helps patients improve chances for pain-free life has encountered injuries that are common to many Tampa, FL auto accidents. The top accident injuries that occur in Florida auto accidents and require chiropractor care include:

Whiplash is a common injury that results from a car accident. The injury is the result of an abrupt backward or forward movement of the skull. The cervical muscles, intervertebral joints, nerve roots, ligaments and discs can all suffer damage from the whiplash. Tampa Bay ChiroCare will help heal the whiplash by restoring range of motion and aligning the spine before the damaged tissue has an opportunity to improperly heal.

A Pinched Nerve is added pressure placed on a nerve that results in pain, numbness or tingling. The car accident can cause a nerve at any point in the body to become pinched but the point of injury is most often the spine. This type of injury can occur alongside one or more additional conditions. Treatment of a pinched nerve from an auto accident will often involve spinal adjustment, the goal of which is to relax nerve endings.

Herniated Discscan result when there is trauma and damage to the spinal cord. The herniated disc pushes on the spinal cord nerves. The jelly-like substance in each disc can also leak out. The victim of a herniated disc may feel nothing, but it is more likely that a person will experience pain, numbness or weakness. The treatment of a herniated disc will be tailored to the specific patient but it will possibly include spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, flexion-distraction and pelvic blocking.

How Tampa Bay ChiroCare Can Help After a Car Accident

 Chiropractic care is a wonderful solution for a number of auto accident injuries, including spinal cord injuries and pinched nerves. This is true because chiropractic techniques are not invasive and they do not require the use of harsh medications, which means it will not be necessary for you to worry about complications and potential side effects.

Even if you have been in a Tampa car accident recently and are not suffering any pain yet, you will want to consider contacting staff from Tampa Bay ChiroCare to learn about preemptively managing pain.

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Dr. Shane from Tampa Bay ChiroCare is here to help the residents of Tampa Bay after an auto accident. To learn more about how we can help after a car accident, or how PIP Insurance can pay for your chiropractic care, you can schedule an appointment to talk to us in-person by calling our office at 813-374-4020.

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